3 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score Fast

New house? Denied. New car? Denied. New job? Denied.

It’s true, in today’s digital age your is affecting your ability to live your life, it’s time to think about your options.

Although there is no quick-fix for a bad credit score, there are some things that can help give you a temporary boost right and away, and these include:

  1. Paying off any outstanding balances

Keeping your credit card balances low (about 30% of your total limit) can help boost your credit score in as little as 30 days.

  1. Paying off any outstanding collection items

While paying off collection debts won’t make bad credit good, it will prevent these debts from doing more damage or forcing a skip-trace inquiry. One step forward and two steps back never works, so step one of repairing your credit score means stopping it from getting any worse.

  1. Removing hard inquiries from your file

By contacting companies you have dealt with directly, or hiring Inquiry Busters to do it for you, you can potentially raise your credit score by a handful of points immediately simply by removing some of the hard inquiries currently damaging your score.

Remember, rebuilding your credit is a long-term investment

While these tips are not the only things you can do to help your credit score, things like paying your bills when they’re due and establishing history take time, sometimes more time than you have. In these cases, it may make sense for you to get a co-signer if you need a product or service that requires credit right away because dual signature lends will appear on both bureaus as open trade and recent inquiry, improving both scores at the same time. Although risky, co-signing is a viable last-chance rebuilt option for individuals genuinely struggling to rebuild on their own.

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